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Commercial Growers

Weeds compete with your crops for moisture, nutrients, light and space. Eliminating them can be costly and labour intensive. What’s more, neither black plastic nor chemical sprays offer environmentally sound solutions to the problem.
At last, there’s an effective, affordable, environmentally-friendly alternative. No matter what you grow, or what size area you farm, there’s a Mulch Organic product for you.

Saves Time and Money. Mulch Organic saves time and money several ways. First, you completely eliminate the removal and disposal costs associated with black plastic. Just till the weed block under at the end of the season and you’re done. Biodegradable Mulch Organic adds valuable organic matter back into the soil as it decomposes.

Likewise, you completely eliminate the need for and costs of chemical herbicides or hand weeding.

Finally, unlike black plastic, which requires drip irrigation, porous mulch organic lets you take advantage of natural rainwater, for even greater savings. Overhead watering is also an option. Mulch Organic is specifically formulated to maintain its integrity even when wet, slowly degrading over the course of the growing season.

Healthier Plants. Crops planted with Mulch Organic get off to a healthy start without competition from weeds. Early in the season, the material warms the soil, helping plants establish faster.

As the season progresses, porous Mulch Organic lets air circulate, promoting healthy roots, instead of “cooking” them like black plastic.

Options for All Growers. Whether you grow in open fields, hoop houses, or high tunnels … farm 1 acre or 100 or more … or apply weed block by machine or manually … we have a product to fit your needs. Choose from:

Organic Paper Mulch Rolls are OMRI Listed come in a choice of weights, widths and lengths. Our “creped” options mould to uneven terrain and are suitable for machine application.

GeoMulch is made from 100% Recycled fiber. An effective chemical free weed control which stops weeds naturally (through physics, not chemicals!) It is easy to use and 100% biodegradable. 


Biodegradable Cornstarch Film is a compostable plastic mulch made from corn starch, offers an affordable eco-friendly choice for larger growers.