Pre Cut "X" Heavyweight Biodegradable Paper Mulch | 122cm x 30.5m

Mulch Organic

SKU: 5X30

After receiving many requests about this product, we're pleased to say that the Pre-Punched paper mulch option is now back!

Perfect spacing for your plants and vegetables and a huge time saver.

Use the 5" X cut holes for Alliums, Garlic and Onions
5 X across, repeats every 5.5" (approx every 14cm)

You can save time planting with perfectly spaced pre-punched holes! Multiple configurations assure the best choice for your crops. Heavyweight paper material offers maximum durability, even during intense rain. Ideal for difficult, uneven terrain. 100% biodegradable paper decomposes at season’s end, eliminating retrieval and disposal costs incurred with plastic, the paper can be left in the soil for no-dig growing methods too. Easy to apply manually or mechanically.

Popular with:
Market gardeners, greenhouses, poly tunnels, landscaping, habitat restoration, home gardens, no dig vegetable growing.

  • Dark brown colour for early season warming the soil benefits
  • 100% Biodegradable paper mulch
  • Decomposition also adds carbon back into the soil, approximately 136kg per acre (with 50% mulch coverage per acre)
  • 100% BioBased
  • 100% opaque yet permeable to air & water
  • A huge time saver for planting multiple vegetables
  • Provides valuable organic matter to your soil as it decomposes
  • Use with above ground irrigation or drip tape (above or below)
  • Eliminates retrieval and disposal costs incurred with plastic
  • Perfect spacing for your plants, easy to lay out and plant into.
  • Roll out by hand or contact us for tractor applications
  • 122 cm x 30.5 metre 
  • 1 roll per order
  • Item code: 5X30

Pre-Punched paper mulch provides superior durability and excellent weed control for
vegetable crops. This natural formulation material suppresses the weeds using physics not chemicals, it blocks the light, supporting strong healthy plant growth - not weed growth. It decomposes over time, adding beneficial organic matter to the soil.