(Includes Pre-punched and Crepe options) 

Mulch Organic is a unique 100% Biodegradable weed barrier that also promotes strong early growth from your plants and gives them the best possible start and protection through the season. Made from cellulose fiber, it is 100% opaque to block weeds naturally yet is air and water permeable. We are the UK supplier of WeedGuardPlus.

  • Fully biodegrades over the season
  • Ideal for organic allotment growers
  • Excellent natural weed barrier
  • Lets air and water penetrate
  • Promotes strong, early growth
  • Made from renewable resources with natural cellulose fibres
  • Can be cut and shaped into the best fit for your garden


How Do I Use It?

  • Lay the paper over beds and sprinkle with water
  • To avoid the wind catching the edges, makes sure to secure by weighing down, using pins or bricks (anything heavy!)
  • Make holes for your seedlings, using a dibber, sharp stanley knife or scissors. We like to cut an "X" and fold the edges back.
  • Transplant seedlings into the hole, place back the folded edges of the paper, and add some weed free topsoil around the base. Water and watch them grow!
  • Many choose to cover all the paper with weed free topsoil. Not too much soil is needed, an inch or so to help weigh and secure and is also applied for aesthetic purposes. Some growers using the paper mulch inside poly tunnels choose not to cover the paper with topsoil as already protected from the wind.
  • For no dig method growing, the same applies, simply lay the paper under weed free compost and plant through.


The Paper Eliminates Weeds & Itself

This Innovative paper mulch is environmentally sustainable, natural weed control. It is a 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season and then can be ‘worked in’ to the soil or left alone. The material effectively eliminates weeds by blocking light, reduces erosion, moderates soil temperatures and can become part of the soil after the growing season. It is popular with no-dig gardening. Even though it's completely opaque it is also totally porous and allows water, air and nutrients to pass through, whilst being durable to withstand heavy rain. Paper mulch is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for traditional plastic ground covers. Or if you don't have the time to collect lots of cardboard! 

The paper is a matting material made from all natural, cellulose fibres. Unlike synthetic weed barriers the paper is composed of eco-effective, renewable resources and negates the need for herbicides, pesticides. It uses physics not chemicals! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does the paper mulch last?

A. The heavyweight paper is engineered to gradually decompose and last one growing season - about 12 months. Any remaining paper mulch can be tilled or ploughed into the soil at the end of the growing season. Or it can be simply left in the soil to do its thing.

Q. What is it made from?

A. The paper is specially engineered and made from 100% cellulose fibres. Its natural formulation does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Q. How does it block weeds?

A. The paper is 100% opaque - no light gets through the material, so weeds cannot get light and cannot grow. This is why it's also good to weigh down properly for 100% blackout! For very stubborn weeds, it's good to cut them back or uproot as much as possible. Also using two layers of paper mulch is very effective in stopping stubborn weeds. 

Q. If the paper mulch is opaque and blocks light and weeds, how does water get to the soil and plants below?

A. It has unique innovative manufacturing, it has microscopic holes for excellent porosity which permits air and water transmission but still blocks light.

Q. Paper mulch allows water and air to transmit through it, so why doesn't it fall apart when it gets wet?

A. The paper is specially designed with a wet-strength component that keeps the material together when it gets wet. It can withstand torrential rains. The wet-strength component is FDA approved, non toxic and non-harmful to the soil.

Q. Why is the heavyweight paper mulch brown in colour?

A. The paper is soil-brown in colour to be aesthetically appealing. This darker colour also can absorb sunlight and convert this light to heat which can warm the soil, aiding earlier plant development. 

Q. How thick is the material?

A. The heavyweight paper is fairly thick (like a business card) but is pliable too. Unlike plastics, the paper can be cut with scissors to irregular shapes for custom fitting to your garden layout.



Q. What is the difference between the Heavyweight Paper Mulch, Geomulch and Ecomulch?

A. All paper mulches are 100% biodegradable. The differences are in length, colour and certification. The heavyweight paper mulch is only available up to 76m long. If you need a longer length, then the Ecomulch and Geomulch are made up to 152m long. The Geomulch is darker in colour, which can slightly warm the soil. 

The heavyweight paper mulch, Ecomulch and Geomulch are all made from cellulose fibres, however it's only the Ecomulch that has gone through strict organic certification. 

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We supply a compostable plastic mulch made from corn starch which offers an environmentally friendly option for large growers. Used a lot on the continent, especially in Spain and France for asparagus growing. Works well with courgettes, pumpkins, onions, garlic and more. Popular for use in poly tunnels. 

Biodegradable films comply with European standard EN13432 with regard to biodegradability. This product is similar to naturally occurring polymers. Microorganisms work on the film leaving behind biomass, water and carbon dioxide. The biodegradation process depends on climate, soil quality and population of microorganisms.  This product is used as a more conscious replacement for black plastic, it is natural and biodegrades between 4 - 8 months (more towards the latter but variables can effect)

Can be machine applied or done by hand. The material is like a thick cling film. It feels thin but is strong, especially when taught. Very easy to plant through with a dibber or a sharp tool. Suitable for field planting, flat and raised beds.

  • Permeable to air and water whilst blocking light
  • Works well with drip irrigation
  • When not required any longer can be removed to a compost or simply left in the soil
  • Compostable according to standard EN13432
  • Can be machine laid: Inner core is 77mm, the diameter of exterior core is 92mm
  • Can also be "tucked" into the soil with a blunt spade to form neat field rows.
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Another natural alternative to black plastic. This is an environmentally friendly material made from cornstarch that is more industrial and will last much longer than regular membranes. Made from 100gsm cornstarch it is ideal for use where longer periods of protection are required. Ideal for suppressing stubborn weeds and for establishing trees, hedgerows, orchards, shrubs. Popular with landscapers and for making paths. Used in landscaping situations where conventional, permanent Geo- textile materials are not desirable. 

Perfect for over winter use so your beds will be in top condition for the New Year sowing.  

  • 100gsm cornstarch
  • Permeable to air and water.
  • When not required any longer can be removed to a compost. 
  • Compostable according to standard EN 13432
  • Dark brown in colour.
  • Takes up to 36 months to breakdown
  • Feels more like fabric than film
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