What Is Mulch Organic?

Mulch Organic is a unique 100% Biodegradable weed barrier that also promotes strong early growth from your crops and gives them the best possible start and protection through the season. Made from renewable resources it lets air and water penetrate the soil while blocking weeds naturally

  • Fully biodegrades over the season

  • Ideal for organic allotment growers

  • Excellent weed barrier

  • Lets air and water penetrate

  • Promotes strong, early growth

  • Made from renewable resources with natural cellulose fibres

  • Can be cut and shaped into the best fit for your garden

  • Available both in natural organic formula and fertiliser enriched formula.

How Do I Use It?

  • Lay Mulch Organic over beds and sprinkle with water...

  • Secure by covering edges with soil

  • Make holes for your seedlings...

  • Plant seedlings and watch them grow!

Mulch Organic  - Eliminates Weeds & Itself

Mulch Organic is an environmentally sustainable, weed controlling mulch. It is a 100% biodegradable paper mulch that decomposes at the end of the season and then can be ‘worked in’ to the soil. This innovative new opaque product effectively eliminates weeds by blocking light, reduces erosion, moderates soil temperatures and can become part of the soil after the growing season. It is totally porous and allows water, air and nutrients to pass through, whilst being durable to withstand heavy rain. Mulch Organic is the environmentally sound and acceptable replacement for traditional plastic ground covers.

Mulch Organic is a matting material made from all natural, virgin, cellulose fibres. Unlike synthetic weed barriers Mulch Organic is composed of eco-effective, renewable resources, and is available in both a natural formula or enhanced with fertiliser. The enriched paper incorporates a slow release fertiliser directly into the barrier. Because the nutrients are released over time, flowers and vegetables receive the essential elements necessary for them to develop healthy, optimum growth while nutrient run-off is avoided, and it is also suitable for a wide range of crops.

Mulch organic negates the need for herbicides and pesticides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How long does Mulch Organic last?

A. Mulch Organic s engineered to gradually decompose and last one growing season - about 8 months. Any remaining Mulch Organic can be tilled or ploughed into the soil at the end of the growing season.

Q. What is it made from?

A. Mulch Organic  is a specially engineered cellulose fibre paper like material. It's natural formulation does not contain harmful chemicals.

Q. How does it block weeds?

A. Mulch Organic is 100% opaque - no light gets through the material, so weeds cannot get light and cannot grow.

Q. If Mulch Organic s is opaque and blocks light and weeds, how does water get to the soil and plants below?

A. Due to the unique formula of Mulch Organic it has excellent porosity which permits air and water transmission.

Q. Mulch Organic allows water and air to transmit through it, so why doesn't it fall apart when it gets wet?

A. Mulch Organic  is specially designed with a wet-strength component that keeps the material together when it gets wet. It can withstand torrential rains - often seen in early spring storms. The wet-strength component is FDA approved.

Q. Mulch Organic  is offered in Fertilised and Non-Fertilised versions - what's the difference?

A. The base material for both products is formulated the same. Fertiliser enriched Mulch Organic has the added benefit of a 5-5-5 NPK nutritive commercial fertiliser component. The Non-Fertilised version is formulated with the same unique base structure but simply does not contain the fertiliser enhancement.

Q. Fertiliser enriched Mulch Organic ? That's unique - how does it contain the fertiliser and how do these nutrients get to the soil and plants?

A. The fertiliser enrichment in Mulch Organic is suspended within the material and is "time-released" allowing these valuable nutrients to slowly percolate into the soil and aid in plant development.

Q. I bought the Fertiliser enriched Mulch Organic - How does the 5-5-5 in Mulch Organic compare with other powder or liquid fertilisers?

A. A unique benefit of the fertiliser enriched Mulch Organic is the fertiliser only goes to the plant below - it is locally dispersed not broadly dispersed and is accomplished through the unique product design. The Mulch Organic fertiliser enriched version contains a balanced all purpose 5-5-5 nutritional formulation exactly the same as other balanced formula fertiliser's. Mulch Organic just saves you time and effort.

Q. Why is Mulch Organic brown in colour?

A. Mulch Organic is soil-brown in colour to be aesthetically appealing. This darker colour also can absorb sunlight and convert this light to heat which can warm the soil - aiding earlier plant development.

Q.How thick is the material?

A. Mulch Organic is fairly thick (like a business card) but is pliable too. Unlike plastic's Mulch Organic can be cut with scissors to irregular shapes for custom fitting to your garden layout.