Liz Zorab Features in Amateur Gardening Magazine

Liz Zorab Features in Amateur Gardening Magazine

"Launched on the 3rd May 1884, Amateur Gardening has been supporting and encouraging families of gardeners for generations, giving its readers helpful, practical accessible advice, while celebrating the simple, yet profound pleasures of gardening" - Liz Zorab

For the past few issues we have been delighted to sponsor Liz Zorab's features where she shares her tips and ideas for making a successful flower garden. 

Alan Titchmarsh was a former deputy editor of Amateur Gardening, now the magazine is edited by the wonderful and award winning journalist @kim_stoddart

Sp pleased to be on the same page as Liz Zorab, she is our favourite content producing gardener, read and watch more of all her insights on the Byther Farm Website

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