Organic Biodegradable Paper EcoMulch | 122cm x 152m

Mulch Organic


EcoMulch Organic Formula 

OMRI Listed for use by certified organic growers

Ecomulch provides vital protection from invasive weeds during the critical establishment phase of your plants.

EcoMulch is a sturdy paper mulch formulated with strong reclaimed cellulose fibres. Effective, chemical free weed control to stop weeds naturally.

The porous fibre structure allows air, water and nutrient transmission to the soil below. It enriches soil microbial action and provides ideal conditions for optimal plant development. 

Use for all vegetables, crops and herbs, flowers, annual plantings, fruits, young trees, brambles etc..

This flexible crepe material has built-in extensible ribs that conform to uneven terrain. Easy to apply either by machine layer or manually.

Perfect for commercial growers, organic farming, landscaping, nurseries, home gardening habitat restoration. 

  • Earth tone colour
  • Crepe for easier installation and handling
  • 100% opaque, blocks weeds from growing by physics, not chemicals 
  • 100% Biodegradable paper mulch
  • 100% BioBased
  • Made from 100% reclaimed cellulose fibres
  • A natural and greatly effective weed blocker
  • Perfect for no dig gardening 
  • Great for professional growers, market gardeners or home growers
  • Works well in poly tunnels and Greenhouses
  • Suitable to use with overhead or drip tape irrigation
  • Eliminates retrieval and disposal costs incurred with plastic.
  • Natural organic formulation is 100% Bio-Based and OMRI listed

Item code: ECO152
122cm width x 152 metre length
Paper weight: 165gsm
1 roll per pack