Cornstarch_Heavyweight | Slow Biodegradable Mulch | 120cm x 100m

Mulch Organic

SKU: FP-01

Heavy Weight Biodegradable Cornstarch 

A natural alternative to black plastic. This is an environmentally friendly material made from cornstarch that will last much longer than regular material. Made from 100gsm corn starch it is ideal for use where longer periods of protection are required. Ideal for suppressing stubborn weeds and for establishing trees and shrubs in landscaping situations where conventional, permanent Geo-textile materials are not desirable. Perfect for over winter use so your beds will be in top condition for the New Year sowing. Permeable to air and water dark, brown in colour.

- Takes at least 36 months to begin breaking down
- When not required any longer can be removed to a compost
- Compostable according to standard EN 13432
- 120cm x 100m long 
- 100gsm weight
- Certified GMO free

Item Code: FP-01