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GeoMulch Biodegradable Paper Mulch


This new GeoMulch product line is an effective chemical free weed control which stops weeds naturally (through physics, not chemicals!) It is easy to use and 100% BIODEGRADABLE. As it decomposes it adds valuable organic matter to the soil and enriches the soil microbial population. GeoMulch gives plants a stronger, earlier start and blocks weeds during the vital “plant establishment” period.

The unique and specialised formation of cellulose fibers blocks light (stops weeds from germinating) and is permeable - allowing air and water to pass through the GeoMulch, thus creating an ideal micro-climate around your plants – not too hot, not too cold – just right for optimal plant health. 100% Bio-based and made from natural cellulose fibers which gradually decomposes. Any material remaining at the end of the season is tillable into the soil.

General Features

Creped for flexibility = easier machine or manual laying 
Excellent weed control
Made from 100% Recycled fiber
Ideal for more demanding projects
A much better choice than plastic, GeoMulch is 100% Biodegradable
You can till into your soil any remaining material at end of the season
Adds organic matter to the soil structure as it decomposes
Extended season use and strength at soil line for longer service life
Dark brown / black colour has heat retention benefits, assisting plants in earlier establishment and over the winter.

GeoMulch Heavy Weight is specially designed for effective weed control and extended life, use for: Habitat Restoration; Landscaping (commercial & residential), Xeriscaping and crop production (for longer seasons) 
Unlike our Heavyweight Paper Mulch, this is not certified organic but is made from 100% Recycled fiber 

Can be machine applied
Available in 76m and 152m length rolls