Heavyweight Paper | CREPE | Biodegradable Mulch | 122cm x 30.5m

Mulch Organic

SKU: 100-2

We have developed the Heavy Weight paper mulch in a creped version. Expansion ribs allow for excellent pliability, flexibility, and stretch for best moulding to contours of beds and soil. 

Heavyweight paper mulch suppresses weeds to support lush and healthy plant, flower and vegetable growth. The paper decomposes over time, adding beneficial organic compost to the soil. You can just tile it in at the end of the season or leave it on the soil.

Natural, biodegradable paper mulch provides superior durability for landscaping projects, habitat restoration and for long-season or over winter crops, such as garlic. 

The heavyweight paper is 100% opaque and has been designed to block all light, this stops weeds from growing. Yet it has been specially designed to also let air and water penetrate. It also keeps the soil warm and moderates temperature, giving your plants a strong start. A better alternative to using black plastic which can break down into the soil. 

100% biodegradable paper mulch
Crepe version to help with contours and bumpy and unven ground
A natural and greatly effective weed block
Works with drip irrigation
Works well for Poly Tunnel and Green House use
Perfect for no dig gardening 
Great for professional growers, market gardeners or home growers
Saves time, grow more, weed less
For extended weed control (12 months+) when establishing new landscape plantings, you can use two layers

Item code 100-2
122cm width x 30.5 metre length
Paper weight: 165gsm
1 roll per pack