Natural Organic Pre Punched "X" HEAVYWEIGHT Biodegradable paper Mulch | 122cm x 30.5 metre

Mulch Organic

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Save time with perfectly spaced pre-punched planting holes! Multiple configurations assure the best choice for your crops. Heavyweight material offers maximum durability, even during intense rain. Ideal for difficult, uneven terrain.100% biodegradable paper decomposes at season’s end, eliminating retrieval and disposal costs incurred with plastic. Organic OMRI-listed material. Easy to apply manually or mechanically.

Field production, Greenhouse, High Tunnels, Landscape, Habitat restoration, Home gardens

Save time with pre-punched planting holes! Perfect spacing for your plants and a huge time saver 

Roll out by hand or contact us for tractor applications

All-Natural Weed Suppressing Mulch with Pre-Punched "Z-X cut" Slits

100% organic biodegradable weed control

122 cm x 30.5 metre