1.7% CalciumPlus Fortified Biodegradable Paper Mulch | 122cm x 30.5 metre

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Have you ever had big, red tomatoes nearly ready for harvest, only to find them suddenly destroyed by blossom end rot? Frustrating, isn’t it? They need calcium! 

Just as calcium is essential for healthy growth in people, it’s equally critical for plants. It strengthens cell walls, protects against blossom end rot and other diseases, aids in nutrient uptake, and reduces heat stress. The result is greater yields and healthier plants.

Our Calcium-Enriched Rolls deliver vital calcium to plants at a rate of 19 pounds per acre, keeping your crops healthy and maximising yields. They are fortified with calcium to strengthen plant cell walls, reduce calcium deficiency, and address soil salinity problems.

100% organic biodegradable weed control

    122 cm x 30.5 metre

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