2% Humic Acid Enriched Biodegradable paper Mulch | 122cm X 30.5 metre

Mulch Organic

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Is your soil lacking fertility? Is it so compacted that water and nutrients can’t reach your plants, or so sandy that they leech out immediately?

Humic Acid Enriched MulchOrganic improves soil tilth and fertility by breaking up compacted soils and adding essential organic material to sandy ones. It improves your soil even while plants are growing, while simultaneously preventing weed growth. The result is improved seed germination, increased nutrient uptake, healthier plants, and bigger yields.

2% Humic Acid Enriched  (Organic Base)

All-Natural Weed Preventing Mulch
Fortified to Restore Soil Fertility
Excellent for giving back to your soil and rebuilding vital soil dynamics

- Increases root vitality
- Improved nutrient uptake
- Increased chlorophyll synthesis
- Better seed germination
- Increased fertiliser retention
- Stimulates microbial activity
- Healthier plants
- Improved yields
- 100% biodegradable weed control

Re-build your soil as you grow and even after you harvest

Item number: 100-07